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Terry Kneeshaw - Artist

Terry Kneeshaw is an Award Winning UK artist whose work is best described as impressionistic realism with a diverse narrative.

Terry began drawing and painting at the age of 13 and began selling professionally whilst still at school in Darlington. At 16 he found a mentor in the Artist Peter Hick who tutored Terry in the art of seeing. Peter said to Terry: “I can’t teach you to draw - you already can - but I can teach you to see.”

At 17, he was apprenticed to The Northern Echo as an Artist under the guidance of Tony Marshall. The following years saw Terry travel extensively, carving a living as a street artist in cities across Europe; drawing in chalks, pastels and charcoal.

Terry’s art has evolved over many years creating artwork for the media and fashion industry, though still maintaining figures and portraiture as his prime subject matter.

On a constant quest to push his technique to new boundaries, Terry is continuously experimenting with his inspirations and artistic translations, pursuing more complicated compositions and achieving grander recognition.

A lifetime within the media industry has given Terry vast experience in film, photography, print and computer graphics, which is evident in his work via lighting and the balance of composition, and reflected in the overall harmony of his visual layouts.

Terry has the ability to unsettle his viewers, as his portraits delve deep into the soul of his subjects and lay bare the techniques that translate into a breathing representation.

Terry currently works and resides at Coatham Hall, County Durham, England.