Collection: 30x30 Football Art Canvases

Introducing the middle-sized canvas in the Terry Kneeshaw Canvas Collection, the 30 x 30 inch canvas. This canvas is an open edition and is available both framed and unframed. Each canvas is taken from the original Terry Kneeshaw painting, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The canvas is stretched over a sturdy pine frame, providing added durability and longevity.

The design on this canvas is perfect for any home and can be displayed in various settings such as the living room, bedroom, or home office. Its size is ideal for those who are looking for a statement piece that is not too overwhelming. The canvas design showcases Terry Kneeshaw's expertise in capturing the essence of various sports teams and their iconic shirts.

The 30 x 30 inch canvas features a highly detailed and intricate design, with each stroke of the brush showcasing the passion and dedication that Terry Kneeshaw puts into his work. This piece of art is perfect for sports enthusiasts who are looking to decorate their homes with a touch of nostalgia and history.

With its high-quality finish and attention to detail, the 30 x 30 inch canvas is a valuable addition to any art collection. It is perfect for those who appreciate sports and history and want to display their passion in a unique and beautiful way. Whether displayed as a standalone piece or as part of a larger collection, this canvas is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who view it.