Rangers rocking the UEFA Champions League

Rangers rocking the UEFA Champions League

Rangers are back in the Uefa Champions League this year and although performances on the pitch in the competition haven't been as they would have hoped, with losses to Napoli and Ajax in their first two games. They wowed the competition and the world in their game on with their display of pride, courage and gratitude on Wednesday night. 

After the passing of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday, Great Britain has entered an extended period of mourning, Premier League games were called off last weekend out of respect for the passing and resumed mid week with the Champions League taking centre stage on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 

UEFA had called for the games to go ahead and with the British teams paying respects before the games with moments of silence and the National anthem being played, Rangers gave the whole nation goosebumps with their performance of the National Anthem. 

They made a Great British flag on one end of the stadium with an image of the Monarch in the middle and roared out for one last time with a proud Scottish twang "God Save The Queen", they did this all after UEFA had banned the playing of the national anthem before their games. 

I would like to say. Respect to Rangers 

(Video taken from youtube)

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