QPR Football Club Art Prints & Canvases By Terry Kneeshaw


Terry Kneeshaw, the advertising empresario who has returned to his artistic roots after 45 years in the advertising ‘game’, has turned part of his historic home, Darlington’s Coatham Hall, into an artist’s studio for another, very British game: Football Art.

Terry’s Football Art is a demand-based collection, focusing on fan-centric pieces that reflect ‘The Love of The Game – AKA Football’. His most recent commission is for QPR fans and depicts the team’s shirts through the ages as limited edition prints and printed canvases. Previous private commissions and fan-based prints include work for Manchester City, and Bury FC, in addition to music-themed and private commissions.

Commenting on the QPR Football Art range, Terry said:

“I love to paint and I love football. How many people love what they do and pass on some love at the same time? I am so happy with the QPR collection and can also announce that we will be donating £5 from every print sale to QPR in the Community Trust.

“We saw how football brought the Nation together this year with the Euros – the Game is such a leveller and unites people of all backgrounds and ages. After the last few years of social reinvention through Covid, football and the fans are always a constant. I hope the QPR fans love the prints and can help to spread the love further via our giving back to the QPR Trust,” added Terry.

Terry’s newly completed work is dedicated to QPR and their fan base, with a £5 donation to QPR in the Community Trust for every piece sold.


A time-lapse video is available to view here:


For more information about this range and Terry Kneeshaw Art, please visit www.terrykneeshaw.com

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