Commission For Williams F1 Driver George Russell

Commission For Williams F1 Driver George Russell

George Russell is one of the best drivers in the Formula 1. Still young, George was highly touted from the biggest F1 teams. He started at Williams F1 , which was a perfect fit for the young English starlet. Williams F1 has a well cemented history in the F1, however with budget changes and what seemed to be an endless pit of money from the likes of Mercedes and Red Bull they had slowly fallen towards the back of the pack. This, however, didn't deter the young and upcoming drivers from getting valuable F1 experience with a well run and ambitious team. 

The business model had changed for Williams, once fighting for world championships, now, to develop and nurture the next generation of stars and George Russell definitely falls into that category.

Mercedes were the team that finally poached George from Williams, after making the decision, Valteri Bottas moved onto Alfa Romeo and George Russell was to join one of the all time greats Lewis Hamilton in an all British line up at Mercedes. 

At the end of the season as George was leaving Williams after spending 3 years with the F1 team, they were going to present him with his trophies that he had won over the time he raced at Williams and gifts from the team that had stuck by him for 3 years, developing him into the driver he is today.

I got the call from the team at Williams F1 to commission a piece of art for George, i proposed a history of the most iconic racing helmets he had worn at Williams F1 from his debut helmet to the one he wore in his last race. 

I delivered the painting to Williams F1 and it was received with great anticipation from the team at Williams F1, they showed me around their testing facility and had a tour of the grounds, it was a fantastic day and a great opportunity. I am so grateful to Williams F1 for giving me the chance to provide a piece of art to one of the worlds top F1 drivers and i wish George the best of luck in all his races in the future. 


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